With an international cast of musicians and dancers, ELFENTHAL presents its ROCK-OPERA. 

A show where Celtic, Symphonic and Medieval Rock blend,  where opera and metal meet, where ballet and electric guitars join, fantasy and reality hold hands together. And all these ingredients joined by a story that links the whole show, surrounded by an atmosphere that makes the audience get immerse in the action and be part of the show. With first class soloists, specially the voices are the strongest weapon of Elfenthal.

This unique blending of opera, musical, rock concert, ballet and theater has already awakened emotions in a wide varied audience that includes all ages. 


“THE BLUE ELF’S DREAM” is the story of a blue elf (dancer and actor) who discovers and learns the secrets of the world of human beings through a book that appears to him the night of the solstice, in his forest. Through the music, elves and humans awaken their millenary memory, when we were still able to communicate between both worlds, in the end, one only world.
Focused to all kind of ages, it includes strong rock numbers followed by authentic Renaissance pieces, symphonic ballads... and gets the audience to live the show as being part of it. 

“TALES FROM THE SECRET FOREST” Concert version of the show, that includes repertoire from the different productions of Elfenthal. Reduced number of team members, but equal strength. Ideal for daylight open-air festivals.

“THE PILLARS OF LIGHT” still in construction process, describes the very last confrontation between light and darkness, evoking the beginning and the end of civilizations. Based in an unedited epic story wrote by Maite Itoiz herself, the thematic demands for symphonic rock with a touch of metal where the lyric soprano voice of Maite shines with all its splendor, together with her own e-guitar solos. Ballet will take the stage incarnating the forces of light and darkness. The mysterious influence of medieval music has also its place in the show. The parallelism with reality makes out of “The Pillars of Light” a show that won’t leave anyone indifferent. Shivers and goose-flesh guarantied. 

The Rock Opera
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AUDIO COLLAGE including some new numbers of the still unreleased next upcoming show: